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Why Munzinger and Company

Our Mission is simple and straightforward: Munzinger and Company strives to assist the principals we serve in creating a positive, ethical, customer-focused sales environment that leads to maximum sales for the principal and continued, ongoing satisfaction for our customers.

We are committed to the following ideals:

  • Sales excellence

  • Ethical behavior

  • Continuous improvement of professional skills

  • Support of those industries we serve

  • Assisting our principals in their search for new products and markets

  • Integrity and honesty


All of us at Munzinger and Company have worn other hats. Between us, we have experience in Engineering, Manufacturing Sales Management, Purchasing, Retailing and Customer Service.

So, we understand and appreciate the issues facing all aspects of today's challenging and competitive marketplace. With our background and knowledge in our industries, Munzinger and Company is poised to make a difference in your sales and marketing efforts.

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